Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mom Gordon

Anna Marie ("Mom") Riley Gordon
(Photo taken May 7, 1965)

If you have gotten this far and are starting to wonder why I seem so obsessed with crafts and projects of any kind this might help to shed some light on why I am the way I am.  As a child I was certainly influenced by those around me.  I would follow my mother around watching what she did, I would try and act like a big girl and lay out in the backyard with my cousin Ruth Tyree when she lived with us for a short time (not really knowing what all the fuss was about because I was bored, but it was ok because I was being cool like Ruth Tyree), I would mimic everything my aunts did and I would listen to the stories told to me by my grandmothers.  It was the stories that I heard that had the most profound effect on me.  The ones that stand out the most are about Mom Gordon, my great-grandmother.  Through these stories she came to life in my mind.  She passed away 6 months after I was born so I never really knew her but in my mind she was alive and vibrant. 

As I have already mentioned it was stories of her garden that my mother told me which inspired me to build my own.  What always made me want to create things were the quilts that Mom had made.  These ornate and colorful beauties were exquisite in my eyes.  The time and energy that went in to making only one of them astonished me.  When I realized what treasures they were and how they were in fact just as much a family heirloom as my mother's hutch or my grandmother's silver, I began to truly be amazed at the workmanship that went into each one of them.  The love that was poured into each quilt can still be felt as I wrap myself in one of them to this day. 

Here are a few of the quilts that we still have today:

This quilt was on my grandparents bed for as long as I can remember

This is the wedding ring pattern

The little Dutch Girl patter

I still use one on my bed to this day.....

This was a baby blanket made by Aunt Lou for my brother

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