Saturday, February 5, 2011

When in Rome....or Chicago!

In the winter of 2010 three friends and I went to Chicago for a fun weekend getaway and planned to eat and shop our way up and down the Miracle Mile! It was all it was cracked up to be and more.  Our first stop was a suggestion given to us by the fabulous bellman at the Drake named Carlos.  After checking our bags at the hotel Carlos sent the four of us on our way to Giordano's for some world famous Chicago style pizza!

It was well worth the hour wait

After a late lunch we had appetizers in the Cape Cod Room at the Drake Hotel where Marilyn Monroe and Jo DiMaggio once carved their initials into the bar.

Calamari, raw oysters and sauteed mushrooms

After spending a little while in the Cape Cod Room we moved down the hall and around the corner, yet still never actually leaving the Drake, and headed to the piano bar.....

The next morning we woke ready for an adventure filled day that would begin with brunch at Cafe 111.  Fritatas, eggs benedict, and french onion soup were only a few of the delicious dishes that graced our table!
Lauren's fritata

Jennifer's french onion soup

Endive Salad with fried goat cheese

EGGS BENEDICT!!!  My personal favorite!

Apparently Cafe 111 is know for their roasted garlic served with warm bread, raspberry preserves and butter...this was to die for!

After a long day of shopping, playing at Navy Pier, taking pictures at the bean in Millennium Park and having a cocktail or two at Rudy's Bar and Grill we headed to dinner at Gibson's Bar and Steakhouse.

Our choices of meat were presented to the table...options include lobster, bone-in fillet, porter house cut, etc.

A fantastic meal!

Our trip to Chicago was filled with many good stories, more laughter than we can even begin to remember but memories that will last a lifetime!

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