Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheese Beans

You really cannot discuss food in Nashville without devoting an entire post to the Cheese Beans of Corner Pub.  They are tiny fried treats that can be popped in your mouth with an array of dipping sauces....choose your poison!  There is the honey mustard that some say is the best in town, then there is the marinara sauce that is a throw back to the mozzarella sticks some restaurants pawn off as "Italian" and then there is the ranch.....ahhhh, the ranch dressing!  It is my personal favorite.  If you have not tried the cheese beans it is your civic duty as a resident of Nashville or a tourist to our great city that you go into the Corner Pub in Green Hills, sit in the corner booth where you have will have a great view of the goings on in Green Hills while maintaining the perfect perspective to people watch everyone who walks through the door.  When your server comes and asks what you would like, simply say ""Cheese Beans" and you may as well go ahead and order a bucket of beer because let's be honest, after you try these you are going to fall in love and be there for a while....

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