Monday, March 21, 2011

Gramma's Pancakes

When we were growing up and we would go visit my grandparents in Louisville, my grandmother would make these every morning that we were there.  I know that some of you are looking at the recipe and thinking "Who puts cornmeal in their pancakes?" but trust me, they are incredible!  As Allen and I would sit on the naugahide couch in the breakfast room we would watch the planes fly overhead as Gramma prepared breakfast.  As we were certain to eat multiple servings, Gramma would put a few pancakes on our plates, we would scarf those down and the whole time the grittle was still going pumping out more and more pancakes until we were drunk with syrup laying on the pull-out couch in the den watching the Sound of Music for the millionth time.  As the grown ups would start to rise and shine (some more slowly than the others) we would recover from our food coma and start to get ready for our days spent at the Churchill Downs Museum or the Louisville Zoo, both favorites of my childhood fueled up on a belly full of pancakes and syrup. 

As I got older I soon realized that this is the same recipe that my uncle uses for the corncakes he brings to the family barbeque every year....who knew it was such a versatile recipe?!?!?

Gramma's Pancakes

¼ cup flour
¾ cup corn meal
½ t. salt
½ t. soda
1 t. baking powder
1 cup buttermilk
1 egg
2 T corn oil or melted shortening

Combine dry ingredients in one mixing bowl and wet ingredients in a separate bowl.  Slowly mix the dry ingredients in with the wet ingredients. 
Mix well and let the batter sit until it starts to show air bubbles.  DO NOT stir or shake to remove the air....this is what will make them light and fluffy!
Fry in pancake griddle.
Serve with syrup and any other breakfast favorite....obviously bacon is a MUST HAVE!

   When the air bubbles start to pop it is time to flip the pancakes!
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