Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moscow Mule

It has been a quest of mine to finally try the drink that Oprah has been raving about her entire 25th season!  With the Beer Butt Chicken, what better to have than a Moscow Mule....light and refreshing and donning a sprig of really can't go wrong!

Here is Oprah's recipe for her favorite Moscow Mule

1 ounce vodka
1 tsp. sugar syrup
Fresh lime juice
1/2 cup ginger beer
1 sprig fresh mint
1 slice of lime
In a copper mug, pour vodka over ice. Add sugar syrup and lime juice. Top with ginger beer and stir. Garnish with mint sprig and lime slice.

Well, clearly we do not have a copper mug, but it seemed that a highball glass works just fine as well!
Here is the ginger beer that Maggie found at Harris Teeter.

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