Thursday, April 28, 2011

Deviled Eggs

I honestly remember the first time I made deviled eggs.  It was with my grandmother after a dear friend of ours had lost her husband.  As is customary in the South, food was immediately prepared for the loved ones left behind, which usually consisted of either something that can feed an army or can be frozen and pulled out at a later date.  In this case Gramma said we were making deviled eggs which seemed an odd choice but she explained to me that they were Becky's favorites and in times of grief, comfort food is an absolute essential.

We began the process and I watched in silence as I realized that it isn't always the food that makes the difference, but the love that was put into its preparation that comforts those in sorrow.  My grandmother has taught me so many incredible lessons in life, but none more prevalent or sustaining than the true power of honest, unconditional love.

The Allen Family's Deviled Eggs
1 dozen eggs
1 tablespoon mustard
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon sweet pickle relish
2 -3 tablespoons Hellman's mayonnaise
Salt and pepper to taste

One trick I have learned over the years is that if you add a little vinegar to the boiling water before adding in the eggs it will make peeling the hard boiled eggs so much easier!!!

Bring a large pot of water to a boil.  
Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to the boiling water along with a pinch of salt.  
Add the eggs gently to the boiling water.  Boil for 20 minutes. Once the eggs are finished cooking and have cooled off, peel each eggs and dry off with a paper towel.
Cut each egg in half then remove the yolk from each egg.
Combine the egg yolks with the mayo, mustard, relish, sugar, salt and pepper and mix well.
I have found the best way to get the yolk mixture into the egg whites is to put the yolk mixture in a large plastic ziplock bag and clip the bottom corner of the bag, then squeeze the yolk mixture into each egg white.
Sprinkle with paprika or garnish with parsley and serve.  
They can be refrigerated for a few hours, but no more than 24 hours.
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