Friday, May 20, 2011

Grilled Cheeserie and Beer

Just picture a place where grilled cheese sandwiches are made to order, beer is on tap in a variety of flavors and a gentle Southern breeze blows in over the porch.  Do you think a place like this could possibly exist? Well it does my friends!  Thursday night I met a group of friends at Yazoo Brewery on Division where the Grilled Cheeserie truck had parked.  It was incredible!  Anything you could possibly imagine with cheese melted on top, smushed in between two perfectly toasted pieces of bread all washed down with a locally brewed Yazoo beer. If you are looking for an authentic Nashville outing which will leave you wanting nothing mor,e you absolutely must find the Grilled Cheeserie truck where ever it moves next and visit the Yazoo Brewery at 910 Division Street.  Here is a sample of what we enjoyed on our visit!

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  1. Sorry...this is not a food comment (although you have some great selections!). I just wanted to thank you for posting a picture of the logo I painted for Yazoo! No telling WHERE my work is going to show up!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Love the painting....job well done! Any other art like that you have done around town?