Friday, June 10, 2011

Harding House

Walking around the grounds of Belle Meade plantation I am taken back to my childhood filled with concerts on the back lawn of Belle Meade, field trips which included the short walk from Harding Academy and tours of the grand plantation which has long been at the center of Nashville history.  I have long found comfort in these grounds.  The familiarity of the walk, the majesty of the home and the bravery and grace with which it stood during the Civil War all bring me peace.  
Today I was there to take pictures of the new restaurant, Harding House, named for the family who created this center of Nashville society.  Harding House has only been open for several weeks, but seemed as if it had been there for years!  The restaurant has the same sense of elegance and style which was indicative of those who lived on this sprawling estate so many years ago.  The servers were attentive and friendly, the atmosphere was elegant yet casual enough for a lovely lunch, and the food was just what you would expect from the chef of its sister restaurants, Bria and Whitfield's.  I found myself unable to pick a favorite, but here is a sample of what you will find when you try this new Nashville treasure....




Don't forget that they also have brunch on Sunday's....

 Classic Eggs Benedict
 Southern Benedict
Smoked Salmon Benedict
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