Tuesday, July 26, 2011

704 North 12th

When I think back on the house in which I grew up I feel as if I am recalling a relative, a member of the family, for my childhood home was just that, an extension of the family, a part of my self.  It was not simply bricks and mortar that made 4025 Sunnybrook Drive a home, it was the love, joy, laughter and tears that were shared in that house that bring tears to my eyes to this day.  I think of all the Christmas mornings I woke up to try and catch Santa coming down the chimney, I think of when it was really cold and my parents would let my brother, Allen, and me make a pillow bed on the floor of the room we shared while Mom and Dad would hang a huge blanket over the windows to keep all the cold air out.  I am flooded with the memories of catching lightning bugs in the back yard, playing home run derby with our neighbors down the street until the glow of the street light called us home, and sledding down the hill that seemed a secret shared only with our neighbors and a few select friends.  I could go on forever about my cherished memories of my childhood home, but what I remember most are the times spent on the back porch.  We celebrated milestones, we mourned the loss of loved ones, we rang in the new millennium with friends, we stayed up until all hours of the night solving the problems of the world and we would watch a thunderstorm roll through under the safe overhang of the house, all of this we did from the confines of a porch simple in its architecture, yet sacred in all that it was.

For as long as I can remember my mom has told me stories about her childhood home.  She simply referred to it as "704".  Though the times were quite different, for she had 3 generations living under one roof, the theme of joy, laughter, family and friends all remain the same.  When mom speaks of this house it is as if she is taken back in time by the memories that engulf her mind and bring a smile to her face.  Much like the house in which I grew up, "704" is a part of my mother.  When I moved into my grandmothers house I came across a brick that had a small label on which was written in my grandmother's most recognizable handwriting "704 North 12th Street".  After finding this, I had an idea!  I thought it would be a special gift for my mother to needlepoint a brick cover for this brick that simply read "704".  So that is what I did!

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  1. Ruthie! I hopped on your site to find that flank steak recipe of yours (I know... me cooking steak.... or cooking for that matter...what has the world come to), BUT I scrolled down through the blog a bit (because I was enthralled with your pretty pictures and fun stories) and came across the 704 post. What a SWEET treasure for your mom!! You are so thoughtful and creative! I just couldn't not comment. Love it! And you. XO Mans