Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mary Burns' Egg Salad

In my humble opinion, there is not a cook in the South let alone in the country who makes a more delicious egg salad than Mary Burns.  It was always a treat when I would go to my parents office for lunch to find that Mary had made my favorite, her egg salad.  It is exactly what egg salad should be, simple as that!  Lacking all pretension, this is an absolute MUST for lunch time in the summer!

Mary Burns' Egg Salad
Eggs - Boil, of course - chopped and let cool (if you add a tablespoon of vinegar to the boiling water it makes peeling the hard boiled eggs easier)
White Onion - chopped to your desire, usually fine
Hellman's Mayo - until creamy
McCormick's Celery Seed - add very small amounts (dashes) at a time.  (Small container will last a long time and is located in the spice section.)
Salt & Pepper

Note from Mary: I like for the guests to know I do not use much salt.  
They can always add to their liking. 

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