Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bella Napoli

Tucked in the quaint Edgehill Village lies a plethora of fun, unique restaurants, one of which is Bella Napoli.  This Italian treasure, whose chef also creates delicious delicacies at Valentino's, is exactly the type place I want when that undeniable craving hits for pasta, pizza and all things Italian!  Dining al fresco on the patio, sipping on sangria, wine or your choice of libation is only part of what makes this place special.  I ate here for the first time in the spring and have been wanting to go back ever since so when my dear friend Lucy suggested we find an inexpensive place to grab dinner I was thrilled when she suggested Bella Napoli!  Try the pizza, try the gnocchi, sip the sangria and enjoy the ambiance because for a brief moment you will not realize you are only seconds from Music Row, the Italian psyche will grab you and you will be transported to Southern Italy if only for just an hour!

Caprese Salad
Sorrentino Pizza

Parma Pizza


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  1. i found this post while I was googling bella napoli because there's a new one opening in cool springs. i've never been there before + wanted to find some reviews of it. based on your review + pics, it looks wonderful! thanks for your super helpful post - i'll definitely be trying it out! =)

  2. Amy I am so thrilled you liked the post and you are sure to like the restaurant as well!