Tuesday, August 16, 2011


One of my favorite aspects of the restaurants in Nashville is that there doesn't seem to be a night of the week where one can't find a special of some sort!  Whether it be two-for-one drinks, 25% of entrees, or two-for-one pizzas, there is typically something somewhere, it is just a matter of finding all of these places and deals.  One such deal is Cabana on Monday nights.  It was two-for-one pizza, two-for-one Yazoo and Bud Light draft beer preceded by the happy hour which they do every day from 4:00 to 7:00.  Such an amazing deal made Cabana the perfect spot for nine girls to gather for a "Welcome to Nashville" dinner for Kaylee Osland!  It was ball getting to know some of Kaylee's friends.  They were fun, young, energetic, all of which seems to be the personality of Cabana's patrons!  Such a trendy open atmosphere lends itself well to cocktail hour while the separate "cabana's" allow for an intimate dining experience among friends (complete with your very own TV and iPod hookup).  With such an amazing deal on their delicious pizzas that is what most of us ordered but to see their full menu simply visit their website here

Welcome to Nashville Kaylee!  We are all thrilled to have you here!

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