Sunday, September 11, 2011

That September Day...........

There was something about that day ten years ago that has left an indelible mark on each member of this nation.  The loss was great, the fear was palpable, and our future uncertain.  As I sit here watching the news coverage on how this country has changed in the years since we were attacked I cry for the children who had to grow up without a parent, the siblings who still mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters and the mothers and fathers who should never have had to bury their own children.  What brings me hope is the resilience that this nation showed to the world and the promise that we will rebuild.  I will never forget where I was when I heard the news.  I was asleep in my dorm room in Auburn, AL living with my dear friend, Courtney.  We received a call saying the towers had been attacked and immediately turned on the news.  We were glued to the television for hours, finding ourselves in shock, in tears, and in desperate need to do something, anything that might help.  A small group of us went and stood in line to give blood.  Since I had never before given blood I was a little nervous and the hour long wait didn't help my nerves but I knew it was something I had to do.  The Red Cross had set up recliners in an attempt to have more chairs to accommodate the growing crowd outside.  As my great friend, Lindsey Wallace Henig, sat with me holding my hand and we had my mom on the phone to comfort me, I was in awe.  A room full of strangers was comforting me as I sat there, a little unsure, a little scared and a whole lot in need of their love.  Out of tragedy comes the spirit of a nation that will not be destroyed   Out of strangers we find friends, out friends we find comfort.  So many memories rush through my mind as I think that day.  I remember my sorority sister whose father worked at the Pentagon and she sat in front of the tv desperately searching for a glimpse of her father who was later located alive and safe  I remember talking to my mom on the phone and bursting into tears as I was faced with, for the first time in my life, the vulnerability of a nation I had long believed untouchable.  What I remember most is the silence as I walked around campus and it seemed everyone was in shock, everyone was unsure and no one knew what to do next.  As the weeks and months passed by we all began to go on with our lives though never again in the same way we once had.  It was a day that shook the world, that killed the innocence of a nation and out of which was a born a new people, one that would not be destroyed by terrorist but one that would rise up out of the ashes to be more, be bigger, be better than it was before.
My sweet family who I love and cherish every day

To those who lost a loved one on that September day in 2001 my hearts breaks for you, my prayers go out to you and the love and support of a nation is yours.  To those who serve our country to protect us all from having to endure this again please accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your sacrifice and the sacrifices of your families.  Today, and every day, I am so proud to be an American!
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