Monday, October 10, 2011


It is no secret that I love Mexican food....I can eat it any day, any time, any get the drift.  Tonight I had the best time getting to experience the VIP Sneak Preview of the new Chuy's location in Midtown Nashville.  This "fine Tex-Mex" menu is a fantastic twist on your basic Mexican restaurant.  Benefiting the W.O. Smith Music School, it was a festive night filled with great food, tasty margaritas and awesome company.  The menu covers everything you could possibly want!  Fresh and delicious, the food is definitely enough to make you want to come back, the service is enough to make you feel as comfortable as you are at home and the atmosphere is enough to make you want to prop your feet up and have a rousing good time with your friends! 
 Bring on the dips!!!
 And then there were the margaritas!
Not sure we had room for it but bring on the actual meal!

  Just because this is so perfect....
GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A great time was had by ALL!!!
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  1. what is the recipe for the cole slaw ,tangy and fantastic!