Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jennifer's Bistro-Style Lentil Soup

During our inaugural Sooooooup-er Sunday extravaganza my friend, Jennifer, introduced me to a fabulous new phenominon....well maybe it is only new to me but it is pretty freaking incredible....Soup mixes she buys from World Market.  I am a purest, I like to make things from scratch.  I don't like pre-made mixes and rarely do I use anything that only requires you "just add water".  It goes against something in my very soul....if I can't make the whole darn thing from scratch then somehow I am cheating, somehow I am lying when I tell someone that I "made" this soup.  Well, throw all of that to the wind because this has TOTALLY changed my mind on that one!  For starters I have never had Bistro Style Lentil Soup (actually I have never even had your plain Jane lentil soup, let alone Bistro-style!) so I really didn't know what to expect, then when Jenn broke out the bag of goodies I was a little more apprehensive, but she promised it would be delicious.  Well, she was right, it was SOOOO YUMMY!!!  I was just as surprised as you are!  It was really good, hearty, and tasty.  Evidently World Market sells all kinds of these soup mixtures perfect for a cool afternoon when you want homemade soup but don't want to go to too much trouble or a weeknight when you are craving something healthy yet fullfilling at the same time.  I have officially put away my prejudices regarding pre-packaged mixes (to an extent) and will conceded that this was definitely something I will have again, and again, and again!

Gather the ingredients and follow the instructions on the back of the package...
 I just thought this sequence was funny looking so I included all the pics....oh the small things that make me happy!

In goes the secret ingredient! Well really it is the main ingredients so I guess it can't be secret, but whatever!

Stir, stir, stir.....
Walk away, just cover the pot and walk away!
I am telling you this tasted like Fall just landed in my mouth....such an awesome find!!!

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