Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Silly Goose

1888 Eastland
Nashville, TN 37206
Growing up my mom always told me stories about her childhood, growing up in East Nashville, 704 North 12th to be exact.  It seemed idyllic, charming, and very picturesque.  When I first visited East Nashville as a child my introduction was quite contrary to what I had imagined in my mind.  House once beautiful and stately now run down and abandoned.  Streets the were long ago inhabited with families with small children were now home to some of Nashville's down trodden.  This brought me great distress as a child as I wanted to know what my mother had known.  I wanted to see the homes as they were when she was younger, I wanted to know the families she had known as a child, I wanted to see something other than what I saw out the window of my parents minivan.  It wasn't long before I got busy in high school, moved off for college, moved to Atlanta after that and then found myself moving back to Nashville after being away for nearly seven years.  It was with great surprise that I heard East Nashville was coming back. People were renovating and updating those lovely old Victorian homes, restaurants were moving back into the neighborhood and life was being brought back to an almost forgotten part of this wonderful city.  Though I laugh that one really needs to pack a cooler to cross the river over into East Nashville it is with great pride that I see the revitalization of the part of Nashville in which my mother grew up.  It is like finding an old box of family photos I had never seen before, seeing a neighborhood as it once was with all of its grace and glory.  When my dear friend Lucy Kay asked if anyone was interested in trying a Silly Goose in East Nasty I was thrilled when several of our friends said they were in!  
A fabulous restaurant located in the center of so many delicious East Nashville treasures, Silly Goose offers the highest quality of local, home grown delicacies.  With a menu that offers everything from a salad called the Princess Salad to a dessert entitled, Sex, how could anyone really go wrong???  Well for a group of 7 girls the night was only made better by the brown bag convenience (with no corkage fee I might add), the great service and the food that silenced us all.  A quaint atmosphere conducive to a romantic dinner for two or a party of 10 seated at the large picnic table aptly located in the center of the restaurant, this is truly a new favorite and one well worth the trek "over the river and through the hood"!


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