Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yvonne Mitchell's Oreo Cookie Dessert

There are some women I have met in my life who simply exude strength, love and zest for life, Yvonne Mitchell was one such woman. She loved her family and friends more than anything else in this world, she fought cancer with a ferocity that I have never seen before or since, and she lived everyday with exuberance that inspired anyone who came into her presence. As I thought about what desserts I wanted to make this Thanksgiving I thought it only appropriate to make something that my family loved but more importantly a recipe that came from someone who had such a resounding impact on me and my family for she truly was a special lady. We lost Mrs. Mitchell to cancer several years ago and to this day the lessons she taught me about love, faith, life and what it means to truly live are a guiding presence for me to this day. Here is one of her many amazing desserts and one that was always made all the better by her bright, beautiful smile!

At her funeral, the following poem was included in the program written by her daughters:


God knew that we needed
Someone to show the way,
He knew as babies we needed someone
To care for us each day…
He knew we needed someone so sweet
To soothe our baby cries,
To teach us how to walk and talk,
And sing us lullabies…

God knew as children we needed someone
To lend us a guiding hand,
To answer all our questions
And to smile and understand.
Someone to read us storybooks,
To teach us wrong from right,
To show us wonderful new games,
And hear our prayers at night…

And then throughout our childhood years,
God knew what we would need
Someone to smile at us with confidence,
And encourage each new deed.
As we grew up and all through our lives,
God knew that everywhere
All children need a mother’s heart
To understand and care.

And that’s why God made our mother.

Love, “Your Girls”

Yvonne Mitchell's Oreo Cookie Dessert

Step 1:

(1) Large box of Jello Vanilla Instant Pudding

Use directions for instant pudding (with milk) on side of box and place in fridge until thick. (at least 20 minutes) 

Step 2:

(1) Package of regular Oreo Cookies
(Place all but about 8 cookies in large baggie and crush to your desire. (Make sure to zip close the baggie.) It's best not to crush into too small of pieces.
Step 3:

Use mixer on medium speed to mix the following:

(1) 8 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese (low-fat is ok) (Like that's going to help..but it makes us feel better.)

(1) cup granulated sugar
add slowly the prepared Vanilla Pudding from fridge
(1) 16 oz. container of Cool Whip (small amounts at a time)..(with the cool whip I have used the larger container, but did not use the entire tub of Cool Whip, just like it creamy, and it can stretch the dish, if needed.)
Step 4:

After these ingredients are well blended..FOLD in Oreo Cookies..(If you use mixer with this, it comes out too runny and looks like chocolate.)
Step 5:
Pour all into 9x12 pan evenly. Use the 8 cookies (pull apart) to decorate top. (I like to use part of a cookie, not the creamy side, (crush with fingers) to sprinkle as it gives a nice look to the appearance of the dish.) 
Cover and place in fridge for at least 2 hours (or longer) before serving.

(You can also, cut and place in freezer for about 15 minutes prior to serving. But you still need to refrigerate as indicated.)
This Thanksgiving I have am so lucky to be thankful for a great many things, not the least of which is that I had the great fortune to know such an incredible lady.  Much love Mrs. Mitchell!
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  1. Ruth:

    I can not expresss my sincere appreciation not only for sharing this dessert on such a special day; but for remembering our Mama! She would be so proud of you. You know how much she loved cooking and preparing meals for all. Thanks so much for an awesome gift to us on Thanksgiving Day, the personal message brought tears to our eyes. We continue to share her legend with family and good food. Lots of Love..Mary