Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Corned Beef and Swiss on Rye

This time of year pulls at the sentimental heartstrings of most people.  I found myself getting misty-eyed the other day over a State Farm commercial so I know that time of year must have arrived.  Everyone has their own traditions that make the holiday season meaningful....some people bake special treats, some people listen to Christmas movies, watch It's A Wonderful Life a million times, or have their family pets picture taken with Santa. Either way traditions are in abundance this time of year and one that our family has enjoyed for years are the corned beef and swiss on rye sandwiches my Dad  always makes on Christmas Eve.  After the midnight service on Christmas Eve we would all return home, read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and eat corned beef sandwiches.  My brother and I would have egg nog with whipped cream on top while curling up under the stockings by the fireplace to listen to Mom read.  It is memories like these that warm my heart and remind me what Christmas is all about -- love, family and friends.  

There is nothing crazy or outrageous about the way we make these sandwiches but here it is for you...

Gather your ingredients: seedless rye bread, dijon mustard, swiss cheese and corned beef
 Spread the mustard on each piece of bread...
 Next layer the corned beef...

 Top it with the cheese and slap the other piece of bread on top of that!

 Place under the broiler until golden brown...flip and toast the other side as well.
There you have it! Our corned beef and swiss on rye!
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