Friday, December 30, 2011


 Having been born and raised in Nashville (actually a 9th generation Nashvillian to be precise) there are just certain places that are forever etched in my memory as perfect and quintessentially Nashville staples.  For example, I cannot remember a time when the majestic stone entryway to Percy Warner Park didn't take my breath away or the remnants of Parmer School didn't take me back to the day I sat on my grandfather's shoulders as we watched the abandoned school burn to the ground.  The old caboose on the grounds of the Parthenon, the ducks in Lake Watauga, running around the historic grounds of the Belle Meade plantation, getting candy from the counter at Bradshaw Drugs, finding just the perfect gift or linens from The Linen Store and seeing the green and red candle decorations on each light post at H.G. Hills in Green Hills....all of these are a part of my childhood, they are a part of me.  Though some are long since gone, much to the dismay of many longtime Nashvillians, some still remain.  One such Nashville treasure is the legacy of Houston and Sue Thomas, that is Sperry's.  Started in 1974, Sperry's has been a fixture in Nashville dining for as long as I can remember.  Every time I think of my first "favorite restaurant" in Nashville, I think of an old picture of the couple sitting at their own table just inside the bar at Sperry's.  This was the ambiance that was, and remains, all that Sperry's is about.  Fine dining in a neighborhood locale.  A place where friends and families gather for special occasions and where, for as long as Houston and Sue sat at their special table, someone would be there to greet you with a welcoming smile and a warm embrace.  This legacy lives on in their children who now own and operate the still thriving restaurant.  It is a place visited by future kings of England, local and national celebrities, and still the place my grandmother likes to go when something special has happened in our family. With a warm fire always lit in the winter and a cool rush of air in the warm summer months, this Nashville landmark has, and will, be a part of me for the rest of my life. 

I recently was treated to a lovely meal at Sperry's with my friends Jennifer and Reed, and Reed's father (aka "Big Reed").  

It was such a fun evening.  A late meal served in the lounge right by the fire, consisting of lobster, steak, smoked salmon, mushrooms sperry's (my personal favorite), shrimp and grits and wine that makes you wish you were in the middle of the vineyard!  

The comfortable atmosphere and timeless service were exactly what we were looking for as we walked through the doors and it is exactly what will await you as you enter this Old Nashville favorite!
Here is a glimpse into our amazing dinner filled with great food and even better company! 
 As many old traditions go, this is something you don't see very often anymore but is a nod to the throwback days when people appreciated the small things that make a big difference. 
 Smoked Salmon....some of the best I have ever had!
It's official, this is my new favorite wine....if only my budget would agree!
 Mushrooms Sperry's....God take me now, they were amazing, as usual!
 French Onion Soup (which Jennifer proclaimed was some of the best she has ever had!)
 Barbecue Shrimp and Grits 
 Broiled Lobster Tail....there are just no words to adequately describe how much I LOVE this dish!
 I know it may just look like broccoli to you but the true secret is that small little side of Hollandaise is truly the best hollandaise I have ever had....Anne, I would like for you to one day PLEASE teach me how your mother made this!
 Filet Appetizer of stone ground grits
 Cowboy Ribeye....damn that is a big steak!
 Then we come to dessert....something you will find in maybe only one other restaurant in town....Bananas Foster made right at your table! 
So there it is my friends, Sperry's........
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