Monday, January 9, 2012

The Corner Pub Green Hills - The Original

It was recently brought to my attention that I have failed to do a post on my very favorite place on earth, the place I frequent more often than I care to admit, and the one place in Nashville I describe with 100% certainty as my favorite bar food in town, Corner Pub in Green Hills.  The Pub, The Original or CP1 as my friends affectionately refer to this local establishment, Corner Pub is exactly what a neighborhood bar should be.  Everyone has that place where they feel right at home....home enough to relax, laugh so loud everyone around you jumps a bit, where the servers have become more like friends and the atmosphere and food keep you coming back for more.  I enjoy this place so much that I recently was a patron three days in a row and didn't bat an eye.  It is the place where we watch all the big games, celebrate birthdays, engagements, my nephews christening (that's not weird, right?), friends from out of town, and a myriad of life's ups and downs!

The food is nothing exotic, but it is is so good in fact that my family and I meet there just about every Sunday for lunch and without fail we have a hard time deciding what to order....well of course there isn't usually a question when it comes to the bucket of beer and cheese beans but that is another post entirely!  
If you have ever sat in the front, round booth on a Sunday around lunch time and seen a family of 6 (including a 1 year old) giving you dirty looks from across the room, that is my family and me and you have stolen OUR BOOTH!  We're flexible, we can deal with but just know...we aren't happy!  Send a bucket of beer our way and we may give the nasty looks a break but I can't promise anything!

What brought on the realization of my oversight to post something about this local establishment was the National Championship pending and someone asking if I was going to watch the game at Corner Pub.  When it occurred to me that this would coincide with "Smokin' Monday" I thought it was genius!  Here is where Corner Pub really stands out in my mind from all the other bars in's every Monday, it's unique to the pub scene, quintessentially southern, always delicious, and invariably it will be someone's first time trying the fare for the day and proclaim it is the best <<insert smoked menu item here>> they have ever had!  Coming from  girl who "doesn't like a smoky flavor" I will eat anything on the Smokin' Monday menu blind so long as I know it was made by Jeremy Belcher who has officially mastered the art!  With a little trial and error and a few admitted experiments gone awry, Jeremy has it down now!   While the Monday morning rush hour is pulsing down Hillsboro Pike, Jeremy gets the smokers going around 7:00 and is working on it all day long sending the smell of smoked pork and chicken throughout Green Hills.  I can't pass up the ribs, my brother loves the smoked wings, my dad swears by the smoked bologna and the barbecue will make you want to smack your momma!  Just trust me....stop by there next Monday and you will be so happy that you did!  Here is a sneak peak of what you will find....

 Getting everything ready....... 
 Jeremy recently decided to try some smoked tilapia for fish tacos which is sure to be a hit!
 Wings, wings and MORE WINGS!!!!!  All I need is a bowl of ranch and I am a happy girl!
 Oh sweet pork!!!
 There it is....there is my favoirite!  THE RIBS!!
So there you have it my friends, The Corner Pub in Green Hills.  If you happen to be there Friday or Saturday night you will more than likely run into me as it doesn't seem to be a weekend without at least one beer at CP1!  
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