Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fried Mushrooms

As it typically happens, New Years Eve is a quandary for me....if I make big exciting plans it never seems to live up to expectations, if I make last minute plans (which does not fit with my personality) things seem spontaneous and exciting, so where can I find the happy medium between having a plan and ringing in the new year with true celebration?

I have no idea, BUT I have plan I can rely on!

This is key because for me to be able to let loose enough to have a good time, which I thoroughly enjoy doing, I need to know a couple of things: 

1) how are we going to get home because this girl will NOT be driving

2) can we find a table to rest my dancin' shoes intermittently throughout the night

3) how bad is the women's bathroom line going to be? (This really isn't something I need to have answered as I generally know the response, however, it is something for which I must always prepare myself!)

As it turns out I left my trust in a couple of my friends and told them that as long as they can accommodate #1 and #2 (let's be honest, #3 is hopeless) then I would gladly go to lower Broad and celebrate in true honkey tonk style!

The details of New Years Eve need not be shared in this forum but we had a blast!  So much so that our plan for recovery the following day was just as important!  The idea came up about frying a turkey on New Years Day since my other fried-food loving friends were going to be housesitting right next door.  As the fried turkey is always a hit, and perfect for a day when the party flu might have hit the night before, we thought we would get the fryer going and once the bird was done we would throw whatever else we wanted in there.  

Three family size bags of fried okra and a batch of corn dogs later we decided it was time to try some fried mushrooms.  Always a favorite when I find them on a menu, I have never actually made them myself, but there is no time like the present to learn, right?  Well I was in luck because my friend's dad, Reed (aka "Daddy Reed"), was in town visiting and had stopped by to supervise some of the frying.  As I was starring at the mushrooms at a loss of exactly how to approach these fungal treats he threw in his two cents and man did it work!  We looked in the pantry and the fridge, threw a few things together, let the mushrooms marinade in our concoction for a bit then tossed them in the corn dog batter and threw them in the fryer!  


They were perfect, just like a restaurant would serve them....with a big vat of homemade ranch on the side!

Fried Mushrooms

1 pound whole mushrooms
1 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
Buttermilk Ranch (I like to make this using the Hidden Valley dry buttermilk milk recipe)

Wipe down all of the mushrooms with a damp paper towel.  Dump the mushrooms in a large ziplock bag.  Add the mustard and vinegar.  

Let marinade for 30 minutes to an hour.  When you are ready to drop the mushrooms in the batch and drop into the oil.  

Let fry until the batter is golden brown (this only takes a couple of minutes so keep an eye on them).  Serve hot with ranch dressing. 


Emory sure does love his uncle Michael!

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