Wednesday, January 4, 2012


PM is one of those great restaurants with which I became familiar after I moved home from Atlanta.  Restaurants like this were not a part of the Nashville I knew before I left for college but then again I was gone from the city for 7 years!  When I finally did move home, it was to my great delight that I was introduced to so many new and unique restaurants throughout the city, my favorite being PM.  My friend, Nicoll, and I used to go out to dinner regularly with her mother in an attempt to try all of these new hot spots and in the beginning we actually made several visits to PM until one Wednesday evening we were informed there would be an hour and a half wait....our secret was out and this small, quaint dining locale was quickly becoming one of Nashville's most desired dinner destinations.  

PM's Asian inspired menu includes everything from their burger (which was actually named Best Burger by the Nashville Scene a few years ago), sushi, tofu and seaweed salad among which are some of my personal favorites, and is a menu where one really can't go wrong as there is a little something for everyone.  This is one of those special places where I am usually willing to try something new as I am sure it is going to be amazing!  Located on Belmont Avenue, among the hustle and bustle of the Vanderbilt and Belmont campuses, PM is a place that always tops my list of recommendations when people come to visit our great city and a place I am always game to enjoy whenever the opportunity arises!

I recently went to PM with two of my dearest friends to all get caught up on everyone's holiday/New Years stories....the dinner, as you can imagine, was filled with tons of laughter, an appropriate amount of gasp (both in shock and delight), and food that made me wish the meal would never end!  Here is what we had...

I order the edamame as soon as I order a glass of is a staple in my PM regiment!
Miso Soup....Lucy says it is like Asian chicken noodle soup to her!
Shrimp Summer Rolls...I had never had these before but was so glad I ordered them...they were fresh and delicious!
Tofu Wrap with steak fries
Wild Mushroom "Tom Kha"....this is one of my absolute is amazing.  I might have never ordered it if my friend Amanda hadn't introduced me to it on my first visit to PM, now I get it every time i go there!
California Roll....I know it is simple (and some might even venture to say not real sushi) but it is the best I have ever had and I cannot pass it up when I am here!
Spicy Tuna Roll
Seaweed salad....this, my dear readers, is the whole reason we chose PM for this meal.....Joe simply HAD TO HAVE the seaweed salad!
Tuna Nigiri
With such an amazing spread we all went home stuffed to the gills, ready for the new year ahead of us!

HAPPY 2012!!!
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