Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Georgia on My Mind....Athens, GA

There is something about going back to your old college town that evokes such a wide range of emotions.  This past weekend my brother, sister-in-law and I traveled back down to Athens, GA for a dear friends wedding.  It was quite a weekend.  From our first trip around town checking out all the places we used to live, telling stories of broken collar bones, couches in front lawns, tailgating for football games, walking the tracks home after a night downtown....well really the list could go on and on but in all honesty you don't want to hear all those stories. 

We had already been planning all the places we wanted to eat as we traveled down 316 from Atlanta to the Classic City.  Each place we mentioned brought its own flood of memories with it....having a burger and tater tots at Clocked after a brutal weekend....eating at Harry Bissett's (now Nona) any time someone's parents were in town....having an omelet at the Grille at 3:00 a.m.....getting a huge slice of pizza (or an entire pizza) from Little Italy on your way home from the bar (sometimes just after leaving the Grille)....brunch at Porter House....Five Star Day.....East West....Transmetropolitan....Blind Pig Tavern.....the list is just so long so you can imagine the predicament in which we found ourselves when we realized we only had 2 days to eat our way through the city.

We made he executive decision to start our foodie tour at Clocked, a place where my brother had never eaten, and also a place that serves burgers topped with a fried egg along with tater tots and feta dressing (this must be an Athens thing because just about every restaurant has their own version of this delightful condiment!).  As you can see our table was rather full between the burgers, sweet potato fries, fried pickles, tater tots and a few high gravity beers just to get the day started!
As we left Clocked and contemplated where to go next we came across an old favorite....Copper Creek...Of course we stopped to have a beer!
When you see a sign like this how can you not try SOMETHING!?!?!
A penny with both Abraham Lincoln and JFK
After doing a little shopping we decided it was time to go see my dear friend, Rebecca "Reba", and her sweet family.  As we reminiced about college days and played with their beautiful baby boy, I had the most amazing feeling that even though I rarely get to see Rebecca and Clay they will forever remain some of my favorite people!  What a treat!

After dinner at Last Resort Grill, another amazing Athens original, we made our way out for the night....and that is where this story needs to end for Friday....moving on!

Saturday, aka "Game Day", we got a slow start and thought a big breakfast might be just what we needed!  We headed to the first place that came to mind....Five Star Day!
If you are wondering, yes, Maggie and I did have mac 'n cheese for breakfast and it was amazing!  The fried green tomatoes that Allen got were also some of the best I have ever had.  Of course my personal favorite from this fine establishment is the Five Star Benedict....a homemade biscuit topped with a poached egg and sausage gravy....holy moly!!

After watching some fine citizens walk their dogs on North Campus just across from Five Star Day in nothing but their bath robes we decided it was time to stretch our legs and do a quick creep of campus....for old times sake!  First stop....get a Red & Black!  This is the student newspaper that had a crossword puzzle in it that took just the right amount of time to complete to get you through a Tuesday/Thursday hour and fifteen minute class.  Since it was a respectable 11:00 by this point we walked down to Blind Pig Tavern, got ourselves a few beers and settled in with our papers.  I read mine, getting filled in on all the drama that has been going on while Allen and Maggie completed their crossword puzzles....if you can find the word that Allen made up while Maggie got it correct I will make you any meal you want!
The day was perfect....we made our way back to downtown, had a late lunch at Taco Stand followed by a few beers with friends as we watched the Mardis Gras parade from Bissett's (now Nona but I am a little resistent to change) travel around the block, and all the perfect Athens citizens keep us entertained as they walked by our perch on Broad.

Then it was time for the big game...the wedding that is, of one of my dearest friends.  Here are some pictures of my college buddies and me.
These are my Atlanta roommates, Dave and Will
Two of my partners in crime from the days I lived in Atlanta, Leah and Lauren!

To Will and Ellen, my wish for you is may the most you wish for be the least you get!  
All my love to you both!
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  1. Since I'm the only one that has found Allen's error, I think you should make me a meal!! You know, cause you never do that! Or anything else for me! Hah!