Friday, February 10, 2012

Jubilee Beer

Some might think it a little odd to have a beer tasting at your elementary school as an alumni event, but others, like myself, think it is the perfect draw to get people back on campus who otherwise may not be so enticed by a networking cocktail party.  

It was such a fun event put on by the alumni association.  The crowd, quite varied in age, was enthralled with the mystery behind the making of one of our favorite beverages.  Fellow alumni, and founder of Jubilee Nut Brown Ale, Mark Dunkerley, did a fantastic presentation on the art, the technique and the motivation behind creating his very own brew!  
He started out discussing the four main ingredients in beers across the board, water, yeast, hops and malt, then went on to discuss what makes the distinct flavors of different craft beers.  
It was fascinating to learn that the difference between an ale and a lager is actually the temperature at which the beer is fermented.  

Since Jubilee is sold out across the mid-state Mark brought some other brands of craft beers to demonstrate the difference between each type...
As incredible as the presentation was, what caught my attention the most was the motivation behind his brand.  "Good Beer for a Good Cause".  
It's just that simple.  

He has a skill, a desire to try something new and a cause dear to his heart.  Not many people find a way to combine the three, but Mark has.  With half of the proceeds benefiting Nashville's Oasis Center, a local place that provides community-based support for youth experiencing drug and alcohol problems, Mark is able to support a local non-profit while bringing a new craft beer to Middle Tennessee.  

Well as the night came to a close we looked around and realized the night had been a success!  Every enjoyed themselves, learned a little and walked realizing that it truly is possible to make your dream your job!
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