Saturday, February 4, 2012

San Francisco Day 1

San Francisco Day 1

Everything was going great...our flights were all on time, our luggage was the first off the carousel, we were able to fit all 5 of us in one cab and the rooms were all ready as they were supposed to be!  Everything was going perfectly....until....I was walking down to the hotel bar to grab a beer before dinner and realized I had left my camera in the odd...I ususally always see it before I am walking out of the room/house...then the panic set in...I remember getting off the plane with it...both the flight to San Diego and our final flight from San Diego to San Francisco...I remember having it in the cab....oh hell....I left it in the flipping (ok so that might not have been the word I used) cab!!!  

After a brief moment of wanting to curl into a ball and scream at my own stupidity I sprang into action, pulled out the receipt from our cab ride and called the kind sir (I can say that now...he brought me back my camera).  After an hour of waiting for this dear man to drive all the way back to my hotel, bring me my camera out of the kindness of his beart I instantly fell in love with the people of San Francisco.  

My love only grew as I hopped into another cab where I met the most delightful cab driver originally from East Africa but a resident of San Francisco for nearly 30 years.  As he took me to finally meet up with my friends for dinner we got to talking about the history and culture of the city...all of which I was so excited to learn.  

Then came dinner...I can safely say (right now -- since I know more meals are pending I have to preface this) it was one of the best meals I have ever had.  There was literally not one thing I put in my mouth that wasn't absolutely to die for!  Tuna, shrimp, ostrich, black was all amazing, fresh and mouth watering!  Here is a glimpse into our meal at Blowfish:
Blowfish Sushi is located in the mission district of San Francisco and carries with it an upbeat, high energy vibe that makes one feel adventuresome enough to try even some of the most daring menu items!
 This is a happy me after my camera and I had finally been reunited!
 Shrimp Toast...could have had a million of these for dinner!

 Fiery Tuna
 J Roll, California Roll and Spicy Tuna
 Tuna Crudo
 Ostrich Portabella
 Black Sol
 Sashimi Combination served over dry ice....and yes the table next to us did order this and in my most southern accent I asked this kind table of 4 boys if they would mind terribly if I took a picture of their food....they complied as any gentleman would! 
 Spicy Tuna with habaneros and jalapenos
 These signs were posted outside the restaurant and I just thought they were funny! 
I would say that our first meal in San Francisco was a huge success!!
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