Monday, February 6, 2012

San Francisco Day 3

It was another beautiful day in the city!  The weather was sunny and hovering in the high 50's.  Perfect weather to get out, ride a cable car and see some California Sea Lions!!!  Since I clearly have no problem being a total tourist, some of my travel companions and I decided to check out Union Square, since it is just up the street from our hotel, and catch the cable car down to Fisherman's Wharf to take in one sight that had evaded us the day before.....THE STINKY SEA LIONS!!!!

They were loud, boisterous, somewhat territorial and I could have sat there and watched them all day long, though the only image that was going through my mind was that of a great white shark crashing out of the water only to devour a seal.  I seriously watch too much Animal Planet and clearly shark week is doing me no favors!

Since we are here for a work conference it was time to get down to business!  After some conference-ing we headed off to watch the Super Bowl and then to have dinner at The Slanted Door.  Just about everyone who we asked for dining suggestions in this great city said that we absolutely MUST eat here.  The first reservation we could get was for Sunday night so after watching the Giants and Eli Manning narrowly escape the clutches of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to pull out a win for the Super Bowl, we started out on our walk to dinner. 

With a clear sky and the temperature still in the mid 50's it was a great way to work off a few of those beers we had while watching the game....oh come on, you can't have a Super Bowl without at least a couple beers!

When we arrived at the Ferry Building and found our final destination, The Slanted Door, the view alone of The Bay Bridge was enough to take my breath away, but then came the food...
It was sinful how delicious this meal was....the modern Vietnamese cuisine served family style gave us an amazing taste of every aspect of the menu.  The flavors were rich and full while the eclectic use of traditional herbs and spices were the perfect compliment to each and every dish.  From the spring rolls and rice cakes to the clay pot chicken and the shaking beef, every part of the meal was mouth-watering and delicious!  

Slanted Door Spring Rolls
 Daikon Rice Cakes
 Lemon Limade Drink
Organic Chicken Clay Pot
 Cellophane Noodles
 You can't beat family style dining at a restaurant where the majority of our party had never before eaten!
 Grass-fed Estancia Shaking Beef with Lime Sauce
 Mesquite Grilled Wild Gulf Shrimp

 Catalan Farm Spicy Broccoli
What a meal!  I was literally rendered speechless which I rare for a girl like me!
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