Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tomato Pie

These are the type of recipes that I absolutely love....the origins of which are a not entirely known (though probably from Jan's mother's sewing club), but over the years they have become a family favorite and a staple in the Hillen household. 

In college I loved traveling to my friends home town to get to know there families and now that I am back in Nashville I seem to know most of my friends families, except for my new friends!  This past weekend my friend's mother, Jan, was in town and as a treat for us all she offered to make her famous tomato pie for brunch on Sunday.   Sitting in the kitchen, chatting as the pies were put together, we laughed, shared stories, and I sat there in such delight as I got to get to know another of the fabulous Hillen clan!

Jan said that she has also made these in mini pie crusts and thought they would also be great in phyllo cups....anyway you want to give them to me I will gladly accept....they are to die for!

Here is the recipe in the words of the chef herself...

Jan Hillen's Tomato Pie
1 pillsbury pie crust....BAKED!!! you can find these with the canned biscuits
sliced tomatoes...enough to fill the crust
2 or 3 green onions chopped on top of the tomatoes (we used baby vidalia onions)
salt and pepper
mixed herbs...yes there is a bottle of these! (we used herbs de provence)
Place pie crust in pie pans and score each one with a fork so they don't bubble up while cooking.
Wash the tomatoes and slice.  Layer the tomatoes in several layers in the cooked pie crust.  
Top with salt, pepper and mixed herbs.  
Top that with the onions (Jan removed the tough outer layer of the baby vidalia onions before chopping them).
topping...grated sharp chedder cheese 1-1 1/2 cups? as you know i use the bagged cheese
mix the cheese with enough mayonaise to hold the cheese together...then i "place" the mixture on top of the pie with my hands
Bake @ 350 until the cheese bubbles
i sometimes make this ahead of time and it seems to have more flavor...
Serve with fresh fruit...
Here is Jan and Reed!
 Jenn wanted to join in on the fun!
Thanks Jan for such an amazing was my absolute pleasure to join you!
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  1. Things I love: this post, tomato pie, you, and my mama-in-law!!!