Monday, March 12, 2012

The Cabin

What could possibly over rule the natural impulse to skip a trip where there would be no electricity or indoor plumbing?  That's easy, the constant sound of the river to serenade you to sleep, the warm comfort of a fire built in any of the three fireplaces and the buzz of friends and family gathered together to keep everyone entertained.  

This was the scenario this past weekend when I ventured to northern Alabama with some friends for their family reunion.  The beauty of such a place is that it forces everyone to get creative....the entertainment of facebook, iPhones and laptops are no where to be found but that most certainly doesn't mean we were bored!  With card games, banana gram, rafting down the river and a quick trip to the ER, there was definitely no lack of excitement!

After a long day on the river for some, and an especially grueling day by the fire for me, it was time to get the grill going and start on dinner.  The menu sounded damn duck, elk, venison and sausage were the key players for the evening....
As delicious as the duck was (it was wrapped in bacon for crying could you go wrong) the elk truly made my night!  Resting on a toasted piece of ciabatta bread and topped with bearnaise sauce this was literally one of the best pieces of meat I have ever eaten!
Here are some pictures from our night at the cabin...
The "Hot Damn Duck" was incredible.....just a quick tutorial....slice the duck in long strips, stuff a pepperoncini pepper with cream cheese, wrap it in the duck and then wrap the whole thing in bacon....grill until the bacon is nice and crispy....incredible!
As you can tell, while the elk was being sliced Max was never far away!
With a spread this delicious, there wasn't a hungry belly anywhere!

Thank you to all the Hillen's for your warm and loving hospitality!  It was such a wonderful adventure and my great pleasure to meet you all!
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  1. The cabin is such a magical place - I can't wait for us all to go back soon!!!