Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY Air Freshener

With the boxes unpacked, everything put away, and life starting to calm down I have begun nesting.....ok so maybe that is what I have been doing this whole time but I can't relax when there are still boxes to go through. It has to feel like home before I can kick my feet up.  

With this being said, even after everything was put away I would walk into the house and the musty smell that permeates any house that has sat vacant for a period of time would knock me in the face....I tried Febreeze, I tried candles, I tried everything I could think of until I came to the end of my rope and had to consult the only thing that would give me answers.....Pinterest (Following me on Pinterest here)!  

After realizing it was going to be a much easier Do-It-Yourself project than I had thought I started looking at all of the ingredients and alas!  I had them all....well almost, but my neighbor had a lemon so that counts, right????  

The funny thing about this is that it doesn't make your house smell like rosemary, vanilla or is like it breaks down the musty smell leaving nothing in its place which I find I kind of prefer.  Though I like all of those scents, I don't really want to smell them the entire time I am in my house but they were a welcomed relief from the new carpet, empty walls smell of before.

DIY projects are always a gamble...sometimes they don't turn out exactly how you wanted but sometimes they turn out even better.  Of course, when I am in a huge hurry and I want the house to smell savory and delicious I just throw some onions and garlic in a skillet with some butter and go from there!

For this recipe though here is what you stay with me, this is pretty complicated...

Fill up a crock pot or large soup pot with water (I used my crock pot because I knew I wouldn't be home for this whole process and didn't want to leave my stove on while I was away).  Throw in as many rosemary stems as you have, cut a lemon in half, throw that in there and pour in some vanilla....
I will repeat just in case you missed that....handful of rosemary, one lemon, vanilla....DONE!  Turn it on high in the crock pot or bring to a rolling boil on the stove and add water as needed.  Let it boil for 24 hours.  You will be amazed!!!
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