Monday, March 26, 2012

Jess Rice's Oven Roasted Chicken

How many times have I gone to the store to get a rotisserie chicken and thought to myself, "Self, you can really make your own rotisserie chicken" and proceeded to buy the pre-made one and go on my merry way?  A million....that is how many times!  

Several years ago my cousin Jess, who I honestly believe is the queen of homemade staples, said that she had a wonderful recipe for a roasted chicken which I of course was dying to try.....a couple of years ago....and had I tried it yet? NO!  

Well finally someone asked me if I had a recipe for your basic roasted chicken and the thought crossed my mind, well yes, in fact, I do!

With my new found motivation I went to the store to grab the very few ingredients and cooked myself a homemade roasted chicken.  As I was putting all the ingredients together it literally took me longer to take the pictures than it did to assemble.  

It was at that moment that I began thinking how ridiculous all my previous excuses had been for not making it earlier....i.e. "I don't have the ingredients" or even better "I don't have time to put all that together".... ridiculous!

Jess Rice's Roasted Chicken

4-5 lb chicken
minced garlic
garlic powder
salt and pepper
Mix the spices and garlic on a plate. 
 Quart the lemon. 
 Press the lemon on all sides into the spices. 
 Stuff the lemons into the cavity of the bird and rub the outside of the bird with the remaining spices. 
 Place in a roasting pan. In a 325 degree oven cook the chicken for 35 minutes per pound but DO NOT open the oven while it cooks. Once it is done turn off the oven but leave the bird in. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
So there is it friends, the easiest recipe EVER!
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