Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My secret love....

Ok, well let's just get it out there...it is nothing I am proud of but I am obsessed even though it goes against EVERYTHING in which I so fervently believe.  For years I have been preaching that I refuse to use margarine as it is only one molecule away from plastic and why would anyone ever want to cook with that let alone ingest it.  Well my friends, I confess!  I absolutely, unabashedly, shamefully love spray butter.  It has been hiding in the back of my refrigerator for years, out of sight of anyone who might go snooping looking to rat me out! 

I can't help it!  It's not my fault.....REALLY!!!  You see what had happen'd was....I was introduced to it in college, it took me by storm, I was ill-equipt, unprepared really to handle how much I would become addicted to it!  Now it is just my shameful, albeit healthier, condiment to most vegetables and in some isolated incidents, on bread.  

I mean seriously though people, it has zero calories and 70% less saturated fat than butter!  Now I am just trying to justify it to myself....forgive me!  In all honesty, I simply refuse to stop using real butter!  I do believe that regardless of the fat content, I would rather ingest something that is natural as opposed to something that is literally one molecule away from plastic.....obviously excluding my guilt pleasure!

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