Monday, April 9, 2012

Kayne Prime

What is it about a good steak that will even get a semi-vegetarian (not me, I might add) excited?  Well when it comes to the steaks at Nashville's Kayne Prime, that answer is easy....they are just that good!  I recently had the chance to try the fare at M Street's steak house with some very dear friends and it was a treat for us all!  Between the appetizers, the sides (risotto tater tots were amazing), the steak, the lobster and the wine we all just about died.  It was heavenly!!  The atmosphere is crisp, dignified and has an air of youth to what could have easily been just another snooty steakhouse.  With the secluded feeling that each table provides, it was easy for our large table of seven to be able to enjoy each others company, and what company it was!  Between Big Reed, our ever gracious dinner host, Jan, Joe, Reed, Kaylee, Jennifer and myself, we were definitely keeping each other entertained!
Big Reed and Little Reed
Beebs (aka Kaylee, but I like to call her Beebs!) and Jennifer
Joe and Jan....I am pretty sure they have both met their match with one another!
Our server, Bryan, made the meal all the more enjoyable with his lengthy knowledge of both the dinner menu and the wine list.  We had a delightful time trying a variety of appetizers including raw oysters on the halfshell with Tabasco "slushy", cinnamon rolls with duck confit and the homemade bacon just to name a few.  
As if that wasn't decadent enough we moved seamlessly on to the main course.  At this point my elation hit a new high as I was faced with not only one of the best steaks I had ever had but also a rich, delicious lobster tail.  
Heaven help me! Oh did I mention, you also get to choose your sauce...sweet Jesus!!!
Though the prices are a touch higher than the normal Saturday night dining experience I assure you that the meal is worth it and you will walk away forever dreaming of that tender, delicious wagyu steak, the black kale salad and the housemade bacon with maple cotton candy...if there was ever a place to splurge, this my dear readers, is it!

Here are some of our pictures from the evening!
We decided it was necessary to hit up Robert's Western World on Lower Broad as it is one of Big Reed's favorite Nashville locales!
A girls picture in front of the Ryman before heading to dinner.
Then we had to get a picture of everyone (minus Joe, sorry buddy) in front of the first church of country music!

Jenn also kept what we affectionately refer to as the "dot dot list" so we can remember all the hysterical things everyone had to contribute to the dining experience.  It just makes the next day all the more entertaining though it is absolutely forbidden on the blog!
Can you tell that Jenn was excited about the leftovers???
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  1. This was the best meal and company I can remember!! Not even a little ashamed of the to go bag pic.

  2. Wish we could go to Kayne Prime every weekend!! Awesome post Ruthie!