Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The New Way to Cook Pasta!

There is simply no denying it, I love pasta....I have finally given in to my love of this starchy goodness and decided that in moderation, nothing can be that bad for you....right guys?  Well I just don't care...I am a much more pleasant person if I am allowed some pasta every now and again so why push my limits?  Why deprive myself of something so yummy?  This is the mentality that has allowed myself some pasta every once in a while during the week.  It is my treat to myself!  

Recently I came across a post on one of my favorite food blogs, TheSouthInMyMouth.com, and thought it looked like something I would want to try....In the beginning though I was skeptical....how could it really be all that different from cooking pasta in a big pot? 

Well my friends, it is so worth trying because it really did make all the difference.  The pasta...the very same pasta I had cooked in a large pot for years, tasted better, the texture was what pasta should be (and how it usually comes to me at a restaurant). But what I found to be so convenient is that since I used the tongs to move the pasta around the pan and to remove it to my bowl, I was able to easily save my pasta water should I need to use it in the dish....I am notorious for dumping the pasta right into a strainer and seconds later throwing out profanities as I needed just half a cup to thin out my sauce!

The New Way To Cook Pasta

Simply add your pasta to the a large pan filled with about a half an inch of water.  The water can be room temp, warm or boiling....it doesn't matter!  

Once the water begins to boil add some salt...the water used to boil pasta should be as salty as the ocean so don't hold back!  This is your only chance to season that pasta as it will not absorb the flavors once it has been removed from the water.
Once the water is boiling and the pasta has cooked for a minute or two use your tongs to swirl it around the pan.  Do this every so often to keep the pasta from sticking together.  

In just minutes you will have pasta cooked perfectly al dente, but check it before you remove it from the pan.
Voila!  You now have perfectly cooked pasta in half the time it would have taken in a large pot of water!
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