Thursday, May 17, 2012

The all its glory!! Day 1

eleuthera map
I arrived yesterday with some friends to the beautiful island of Eluthera in the Bahamas, due east of the capitol Nassua, and was immediately welcomed by a warm, salty ocean breeze, the picturesque beauty of the Carribean Ocean to the west and the mighty Atlantic to the east, and the princess-like pink sand for which Eluthera is known.  It is a peaceful haven unlike any I have recently known.  We played cards and games, we went fishing and snorkeling, we ate by the ocean on a beach that was recently rated as one of the most beautiful in the world and sat by the shore in the afternoon serenaded by the waves, reading our books and sipping a local beer.
As the day came to a close and we all got cleaned up from the salt, bug spray and sunscreen we had added, coat upon coat, as the day went on we cranked up the blender, made some pina coladas with fresh coconut, straight out of the back yard.  Here are some photos of our first 24 hours on the blessed place!
  Jim and Lucy catching the bait was entertaining when they didn't all go in the bucket!
 Getting ready to SNORKEL!
 Lucy enjoying the ocean breeze on the boat
 Maggie takes in the wide expanse of the Carribean Ocean
 Jim and Nic....nothing like some good Daddy/Daughter time!
Lunch is served! 
 For lunch we had the most amazing variety of food...conch fritters, spinach spanakopitas, shrimp wrapped in prosciutto and goat cheese, margarita pizza and grouper burgers
 We sat by the ocean and read our books with this as our view

 Now time for the coconut pina coladas

Just wait for tomorrow.............
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