Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet Percy

It always amazing me how life works out.  For years I have been wanting to get another dog, preferably a little boy dog, to keep Annabelle company.  I didn't want another tiny dog as I constantly worry over Annie's fragility, but being a renter I also didn't want to get a large dog so I have not really done anything about it, just dreamed that one day something would work out.

Well it finally did!  At a recent auction a fully house trained, rescue puppy was auctioned complete with all it's shots and coming with it a package containing a free vet visit and a free appointment to get neutered, among a million toys, outfits and bags of food.  The lovely family that enthusiastically took the sweet puppy home soon realized the new arrangement would not work as the mother was allergic to the new dog.  Since I had been around the dog on several occasions I knew his dear temperament and curious enthusiasm would be a perfect fit for me plus, I also knew I was already in love with this sweet puppy. 

The stars must have simply aligned because just two days after I offered to take the puppy home with me I received an email from the family asking if I was in fact interested.  Through an avenue I never saw coming, this loving little darling became a part of my family.  Here are a few pictures of our newest addition!

Posing for the camera!
All he ever wants to do is play and be loved!
He looks like a little fox!
Everyone has to sniff it out!
Annie took a little while to warm up to her new brother but in time they will be best friends!
After a few hours of playing they were all worn out.
This morning, after our 3.5 mile walk, Percy as he is now called, was curled up in my bed!
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  1. So sweet!! I had a doxy named Percy and he was a sweetie-pie too. Glad you've got a new baby!!