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Here is my last post from our vacation in paradise, Eluthera.  For our final dinner on this beautiful island we decided to go to the lovely Tippy's, a local favorite dining spot.  With the windows open, the bar framing the picturesque ocean-front vista and the smell of delicious dishes emanating from the kitchen, patrons to this heavenly hot spot are sure to have a meal they will not soon forget! 
Welcome to Eluthera's finest dining establishment, that is in my humble opinion of course!
Sitting at the bar waiting for our table we were blown by the warm ocean breeze, served the most delicious mojitios and serenaded by the incredible house band.
As we were taken to our set I realized we might have the best seat in the house!  With a clear view of the band and a bird's eye view into the kitchen life doesn't get much better for this diner.
Here are some pictures from our table...
Then came the delicious meal...
Let's start with the house salad with spring rolls....or the arugula Caesar saland...
Then onto the entrees of fresh fish...
We had hog fish...
Mahi Mahi
Shrimp and Lobster Pasta in a Tomato Basil Cream Sauce
Meet Biz, he loved Nicoll and I think she would have taken him home if she could have!
Everything was perfection and the atmosphere only got better as the night went on!
Even though we had to say good bye to paradise it was a trip and an experience we will not soon forget
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