Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fresh Catches

Tonight I sit here absolutely 100% exhausted from a day full of deep sea fishing with friends off the coast of St. Augustine, FL.  What a day it was!  Bright and early, we woke and hit the road by 6:00 a.m. to head out on our adventure.  We set sail on the beautiful "Endless Summer" 52' sportfish.  It was a calm day at sea, but to this landlocked native it was a bouncy ride at best!

When we were finally to our destination we caught plenty of bait fish and went on our way to find a mackerel....the fish we thought we would for sure be catching (and eating) in abundance!

We were soon given a different plan.  The bonito fish were all that seemed to be biting at first.  When we asked our competent captain if these were good "eatin' fish" he and his first mate gave us a sideways glance and said that some people will eat them but what they are better known for is the cousin of the tuna....sooooooo when you see that "tuna" is included in cat food, it is in fact the bonito fish. 

We threw them all back.

What was most interesting with these fish though was that before we could reel them in they would be ripped apart by the barracudas that seemed to be stalking our boat like piranhas!  Here are some of the photos of the ones that got aboard in full and some that weren't so lucky!
After we had our fill with the bonito fish and barracudas we decided to get a little more challenging and decided to pull in the trolling lines and get down to business with the live we waited, and waited and waited a little more.

After a little while we had a bite!!  Katie took this one and pulled in our first mackerel!!!  Finally a fish we could keep and eat....exactly what we had been waiting for all day long!
As we reveled in the excitement of our catch suddenly there was another bite and Maggie grabbed the pole!
 She fought, and she fought, and she FOUGHT!!! 
Alas she pulled aboard an Atlantic Shark...holy crap is right!!
And because we usually have crazy coincidents like this happen in our lives, I too caught an Atlantic Shark on the very next catch!
With two sharks and a mackerel in the cooler we decided it was time to head home!
 Of course Maggie, Allen and I thought watching Jeff cut up the sharks fascinating, so naturally I took pictures.
And because I love lighthouses, and this is one of the oldest in the country, I simply had to take lots of pictures of it!

Next time you are in the neighborhood of St. Augustine definitely give the awesome guys at Endless Summer to be your guides!  They are knowledgeable, fun, outstanding guys....ENJOY
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