Friday, July 13, 2012

Kitchen Tip - How to not have to scrub your oven

It only took a few times of having something bubble over and then burning into the bottom of the oven for me to realize that is not something I want to have to clean....ever.....ever again!  It wasn't just the scrubbing but the oven cleaners out there that do the best job at cleaning the grim off the bottom of the well-used oven are down right disturbing in their chemical smell. 

I can't seem to get past the feeling that after I clean the oven all of those chemicals are going to cook into the next thing I make, thus shaving a good 10 years off my life.  

I understand this may be a bit dramatic and I feel certain they wouldn't be on the market if they really were that harmful to you but though I understand this I am not appeased.  

It was after one such cleaning experiences that I realized there was an easy solution to my predicament....I could simply line the oven bottom in aluminum foil!  

You may have been doing this for years so I apologize if this seems basic and simple but for me it was a total light bulb moment!  Now, every time I am in a new kitchen, if there isn't already something in the bottom of the oven I am right there with my heavy duty aluminum foil ready to spread the love....or in this case the foil!

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  1. I have GOT to do this at my house! LOVE this idea!!