Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tailgatin' Food!

If you are anything like me, the advent of football season is like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, my 21st birthday and the tooth fairy all rolled into one special time of year.  It is a time to be celebrated, to be cherished, to be awaited.....all.year.LONG!  

As a girl born and raised in the South, and the granddaughter of a sports writer, I have long been watching college football and since the arrival of the Tennessee Titans, I have become a NFL fan as well.  

Basically, my entire fall is consumed by the pigskin.  

My language goes to pot.  My ladylike behavior is thrown out the window and the octave at which I scream at the tv goes off the charts!

All of that aside, my friends and family gather together like it is Thanksgiving to watch all our favorite teams play.  Depending on the teams playing this sometimes gets ugly!

As a Georgia fan in Tennessee there is one thing on which my UT friends and I can always agrees....we will cheer for whoever is playing against Florida!

  The protocol of Sunday dinner is even temporarily loosened when one of our favorite teams is playing the prime time game, an exception usually only made when the President speaks or world events are happening....orrrrrr when there is a good red carpet event and award show on tv, but still, these are important events!

Here in the South there is only one event more important than the game and that is the tailgate! Well maybe not more important but it is close second for sure. 

In my family, we take this very seriously!  There are color-coordinated cups, there are tablecloths, tents, chairs with our teams logo on them, flags and magnets all over the car, coolers filled to the point that closing them seems futile, and food.....sooo much food!!!

Here are some of our favorite tailgating treats....I hope you enjoy and GO DAWGS!!!

Happy searching!
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