Monday, September 24, 2012

Antipasto Platter

Sometimes I am just looking for something different to throw together for hors d'oervres for Sunday dinner....we have a tendency to get stuck in a rut with those things we really like.  Olive cheese balls, sausage pinwheels and (our favorite) triscuits and onions always seem to be our go-to options.  Not that there is anything wrong with this but lets face it, even the best appetizers new a little sprucing up every once in a while!

We have been so enthusiastic about trying new entrees, sides and salads, so Mom challenged us with putting that same zest behind trying new appetizers.  Since I am always ready for a challenge I thought there was no time like the present (or last Sunday) to give it a whirl!

I did some searching on Pinterest and as it turns out I don't pin that many appetizers....I am in the process of rectifying this at present.

I found a recipe (actually a picture) that looked delicious!  As I scanned the ingredient list I thought it looked good but almost over-complicated.  I like simple, I like something you can throw together with a gaggle of people in the kitchen with me while sipping a glass of wine and getting caught up on the most recent news (a.k.a. gossip) around town.

I decided to tweak it a bit and here is what I came up with:

Prosciutto Wrapper Gouda with 
Arugula and Fig Preserves

Gouda Cheese
Thinly sliced prosciutto
fig preserves
(aren't you glad I listed those?  
you certainly couldn't have gotten all that from the title!)

Lay the prosciutto flat and spread a thin layer of the preserves down the middle.  Top with several arugula leaves. 
Lay the slice of gouda at the top of the prosciutto and roll it up!
Like so...
Serve with other kinds of meats and cheese, maybe some olives for good measure, and you have yourself a delicious little Antipasto Platter!
As you can see they were enjoyed!
Percy wanted one SOOOOO badly but alas the humans were the only ones having these and we weren't sharing!
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