Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labour Day French 75

Well it is official!  I have found my signature drink....the only problem is that it is so potent that drinking more than one might render you talking jiberish, giggling on the couch.  Not that that happened or anything....ahem....Allen....I can honestly say that in the end it is totally worth it!

Let me introduce you to the cast of characters...

Meet our little French friend made from the blossoms of elderflowers, Monsieur St-Germaine

Coming from the other side of the English Channel, it is my pleasure to introduce the one and only Beefeater Gin, quite possibly the culprit when it comes to the jiber-jaber and giggling on the couch!
Then there is the star of the show and quite possibly the ingredient that captured my attention in the beginning and prompted me to immediately send this recipe to my sister-in-law, champagne (in our family this is affectionately pronounced Cham-PAG-nEE).
After that there is a tiny bit of sugar, a little bit of the lime juice but lets be honest, those are basically the backup singers to Britney Spears....people know they are there but that's not why they bought the ticket!

These are seriously potent and seriously delicious! The only advice I can offer is the drink with caution because once you have had your first sip, you are going to want the rest of the batch!

Labour Day French 75
Serves 4

original recipe from Scrumpdillyicious

4 oz London dry gin
2 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
2 tsp superfine sugar
1 oz lemon or lime juice
10 oz champagne or prosecco
Raspberries and lemon curls, for garnish
Shake all the ingredients together well with cracked ice in a chilled cocktail shaker, then strain into champagne flutes and top off with a raspberry and lemon twist.

Sweet heavenly days these are for sure what I will be serving at every party from now on!!
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