Wednesday, September 19, 2012


1907 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206
I think one of the best aspects of Nashville's growing culinary atmosphere is the obvious....more options!  With more options though comes less demand on one single dining locale.  With that being said in order to be sustainable in such a diverse culinary atmosphere a restaurant must bring something new to the table, and if not something new then they had better have the best of whatever "it" is they are trying to sell.

There are so many restaurants that have conquered these challenges which benefits no one more than the greater Nashville population!  

One of my favorites of such restaurants is Rosepepper in East Nashville.  As a kid growing up in Nashville I never spent much time across the river.  I heard about all my mother's childhood in East Nashville, but never actually went exploring for myself. 

During the 6 years I lived in Georgia so much changed from the East Nashville I had barely known in high school.  People were bringing back the vibrancy that had once been a defining characteristic of one of Nashville's oldest neighborhoods.  

Old bungalow homes were restored, Victoria mansions that hadn't had a new paint job in decades were brought back to their original glory standing proudly with a timeless grace, boutiques were opened and so many delicious restaurants opened their doors to an eager audience, ready for something new and delicious.

Rosepepper was once such restaurant.  Opened in 2001, Rosepepper offers an extensive Sonora Style Mexican menu, countless types of tequilla, margaritas that are dangerously delicious and potent all at the same time, and an atmosphere that is perfect for a festive dinner with friends and family!
If you are looking for some of the best Mexican food in town, somewhere fun to go to kick-start a night out on the town or just a places that will be alive with the pulse of Nashville, Rosepepper is an absolute MUST!  Grab a margarita, sit out on the open air porch, relax and enjoy what is so perfectly East Nashville!

Here is what we had....

A tasty trio of salsa
A couple pitchers of margaritas (I feel a song coming on....I will refrain!)
DANGER!!! DANGER!!!  Is exactly what this picture SHOULD have said!
Buffalo White Cheese Dip
More DANGER!!!
Fish Tacos
Fajita Burrito
Chicken Quesidilla
Chicken Fajitas
........Night night.........

What a fun night out with friends!  Thanks to Matt and Jason for an awesome time across the river!

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  1. This place sounds great! We love Mexican food and are always looking for new places to go! We will definitely try this out and thanks for providing such a great description, with pictures too! I love your "food blog!" You are doing an amazing job, so proud of you! :)