Monday, September 3, 2012


Well it's here and it's OPEN!!  South, on Demonbreun, has officially hit Nashville!

How can I put this without sounding dramatic?  

Well I think the words "Bottomless Bloody Mary's" really just speak for themselves! 

As if the mason jars filled with tasty goodness wasn't enough to drive me back to the clean crisp bar, the food certainly will.  

You see, here in the south we have lots of bars that serve fried chicken, burgers and chicken wings, but in order to really stand out a bar has to do something creative, bring that something that fills a niche like no other bar, they have to own it and make it something no one else can offer.  

The owners, bartenders, servers and chef all bring that unique quality to one of Nashville's newest hot spots.  The bartenders introduce themselves with a charming smile, the servers keep the bottomless bloody mary's coming with attention to detail and the manager walks around making sure everyone is not just satisfied but happy with their drinks, their table, and their food.  All of this while the chef in the back is making the condiments daily, the burgers fresh, and chicken salad like no one else in town.

The burgers are topped with pimento cheese, the BLT includes a fried green tomato and the chicken salad is made with applewood smoked chicken.  I mean seriously, how many bars have caprese salads and fried pickles on the same menu?  Not enough in my opinion!

With tv's soon to be visible from every seat in the house, garage doors wide open to let in the fresh air and a clean, crisp environment all bring something to be desired and something that has been lacking on Demonbreun for some time now!

With lunch served daily, a perfect backroom for private events and a wide open front room and porch there is a little something for everyone.  I see myself here many a Sunday tasting everything on the menu, watching a little football and witnessing as South becomes one of Nashville favorite new locales!

Here is a looking at my first trip to South

Helllllooooo Bottomless Bloody Mary!!
A great twist on in your typical southern decor..

Now for the food!

Caprese Salad with Fried Green Tomatoes
applewood smoked chicken salad
BLT with fried green tomatoes and hand cut french fries
angus burgers with applewood smoked bacon
We reallllly liked the burgers!
sweet potatoes fries
...yum yum yum...
Everyone should give South a visit and see what all the talk is me, it is worth it!
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