Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jeni's Ice Cream

You know those places that people ask if you have gone to yet and when your answer is a very nonchalant "no, not yet" they give you a look like you have just run over Santa , kicked the Tooth Fairy in the face and canceled Thanksgiving all at once?  

Well evidently Jenis Ice Cream in East Nashville is one such place.  

After an amazing dinner at Rosepepper across the street my friends thought it their East Nashville civic duty to take me to Jenis. 

My first thought was "how could it really be so different from any other ice shop", then when I walked in and saw a line wrapped around the interior I thought "my lord, the whole freaking neighborhood is obsessed".  With a sigh of resignation coming from me, the girl who will avoid lines at all costs due to my total lack of the virtue patience, I thought I would just enjoy the moment with amazing friends.

I took pictures around the store, I chatted with some of the other patrons, and thought to myself "maybe there is something to this quaint neighborhood favorite".

As I got closer to it being my turn in line I started to truly check out all the flavors that were at my disposal...I was overwhelmed!  

Holy crap!

So many in the world could I possibly make this decision???

I settled on something that was different than my normal chocolate ice cream...I went for the salted caramel and now I wish I could have a taste of every flavor in that place!

With one scoop....ok maybe three but who's counting....I was hooked!  Sold on the ice cream crack that is an East Nashville treasure!!  Here is a look into my delicious revelation!!

So many flavors~
Care for a sample?
You even have so many different cone options!
A transaction made in heaven!
My lovelies!  Jason and Matt!
Allen was a happy camper too!
The true danger cream to take home!
As you can tell, I LOVED IT!!
So yummy!!
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