Monday, October 15, 2012

Octoberfest in Germantown

I am always on a search to find new and different places to go in Nashville. Having been born and raised in this amazing town, I sometimes find myself getting into the normal rut of going to the same places and never branching out. 
This is something I am trying to change, something I am working on daily. So when my friend, Kaylee, asked me if I wanted to come to Germantown, for the annual Octoberfest, I thought this was just the type event I have been looking for!

Germantown is one of Nashville hidden gems in my opinion. One of the oldest parts of town originally settled by many German families (hints the name), just on the northside of downtown, Germantown has seen all the phases of Nashville's history. With many buildings in this section of town on the National Registry of Historic Places, Germantown is home to such treasures as The Church of the Assumption.
I could go on and on about the history of the revitalized neighborhood but lets just leave it at the fact that walking around the streets of Germantown will take me back in time through the ages of my favorite city.

With that said, I jumped at the opportunity to walk around the area, drink a beer or two, taste some amazing food and listen to live music on spanning several city blocks.

With street vendors selling everything from jewelry to art to canned goods, every little stand offered something unique and exciting!
After assessing the crowd we quickly decided it was time to get serious, get our drink tickets and get ourselves a beer....a BIG one!
We were armed with mugs from last year and few tickets to get us started...
PHEW!  That was close....we nearly went thirsty and that would have just gotten UGLY!
People were everywhere, enjoying the music, eating the food or simply enjoying the crowd!
Here is a glance at some of the amazingly delicious treats that were at our disposal!
Funnel cakes in a million different varieties!
Oh the bloomin' onion....I just had to get a few pictures of this process...
Potatoes in all forms and fashions...
Meat and on a stick....good to have options!
Get the fry daddy going and crank up the is time to get serious!
Cheers to a very successful Octoberfest!
We had a great time and met some new friends along the way!

Saw these and nearly lost about a blast from the past....we used to collect these from the Sounds games as children.  Filled with melting ice cream dripping down my chin and running down my arms as a kid....heaven!
As we were walking home I came across this pepper plant and thought it was the coolest thing ever, so naturally I took pictures.
Annnnnnnnnnnd we're done!
Well almost...I came across this really cool trailed and had to have some fun with the reflections:
Then I saw this old bus and just imagined which country music star once toured in this bus....George Jones? Waylon Jennings? Willie Nelson? One never knows but the possibilities are endless!
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