Saturday, October 13, 2012


2821 Gallatin Pike
Nashville, TN 37216

My friend, Michael, has been talking about this hot chicken place for a while now....he claims it is his new favorite hot chicken spot and coming from the guy who has had all the hot chicken in Nashville multiple times I thought I would take his word for it. is in East Nashville after all which means I have to cross the river to get there...

....which I still think is a trip that requires I pack a cooler and go to the bathroom before leaving the house....

Unreasonable I realize, but that's me sometimes!

One menu item that caught my attention was what they refer to as "Tender Royale"....sit down for a minute as I describe this one....Take your basic grilled cheese, now replace the standard American cheese with pepperjack  and top it with hot chicken and instead of grilling it on either side pop it in the deep frier...holy crap, they just took this to a new level! 

For Michael's birthday lunch we all packed it up and headed across the river to see if this place lived up to all Michael's hype.

In a building that looks like a converted drive-thru with wooden picnic tables out front it was exactly the type place I was not just envisioning in my mind, but hoping for as well!

Since I am a big fraidy cat when it comes to hot chicken I decided to play it safe and get the mild chicken tenders with fried okra (duh!) and let me just tell you....that was a wise mood.  Not only was the okra perfectly salty and delicious but the chicken had the best spice to it without knocky me on my rump.

Now don't think I am going to go get crazy or anything and try out the hotter flavors....I will leave that to the professionals, namely Reed and Michael, but my little taste was perfect!

Here is a looking into the lunch we had!

Chicken Tenders with crinkle fries and fried okra
 The Tender Royale
 Half chicken with red potato salad and fried okra
 Oh the chicken wings....Dad got the medium and I think that was a bold move on his part....and he even likes spicy!
I highly recommend you give it a shot and let me know what you think!
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  1. It's the best...and in this town that's saying something.