Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Out and Vote!!

There is a love I harbor for our country that seems at some points stronger than my love for anything else.  I am proud to call myself a citizen of the United States, I am in awe of the history of our country and the odds that were overcome to get to where we are now and as I stand before my ballot, MY ballot, for the President of the United States I feel as if there is a veil of the past flowing from behind me filled with those miles and miles we have come that enable me to be standing where I stand.

Those miles were covered by so many people of different races, creeds, religions and backgrounds.  There was a dream once of a country where people could live as one, but speak with separate voices, pray from all sorts of pews, see from a multitude of perspectives and accept each individual for what they bring to the table.  Though we still have a ways to go, strides have been made, hurdles overcome, as this great nation constantly evolves.

 Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear are not to be taken lightly or for granted.  And there is no greater way to protect those freedoms than to exercise one's right to vote.
There is nothing more precious than a persons right to vote.

As I came of the voting age my parents were emphatic that it wasn't just that I should exercise my right to vote, it was my duty, my obligation that meant I had to vote.

My story has in it a long line of strong individuals, from the generations who came before me, to my parents, to the legions of supportive teachers, friends and loved ones who refused to let me believe I was anything short of all I ever wanted to be, but in order to be a productive member of society I must never become complacent in a world where I felt I had no voice.

It was engrained into my psyche to never settle in life, never take my rights for granted, always reach for my dreams, and make sure my voice can always be heard.
Because of that I will always vote and so must you.

For the women like my mother who made me understand it wasn't so long ago that women just like me, well-educated, intelligent women, were denied the right to vote simply because of their gender, I vote.
It is for those brave souls who sacrificed so much to ensure generations of those to follow the ability to have a voice in this country that I vote.
 It is because of my love of this country, my gratitude for our freedoms and my refusal to take either of these for granted that I vote.
It is not simply that I vote because many who came before me could not.  It is because we all have something important, something meaningful, something no one can take from us, but that we have to give freely and that is our vote.
Use your voice, use your vote, it is the most powerful resource we have.
It is our right, our obligation and duty to serve our great nation in any capacity that each citizen should exercise their right to VOTE!
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