Friday, December 14, 2012

Egg Nog Fudge

When my brother and I were little one of our favorite holiday treats was Purity Egg Nog wth Reddi Whip piled on top!

If I close my eyes I can image the two of us sitting on the couch in the den of the house where I grew up with a roaring fire in the fireplace to my right, the Muppets Christmas Carol on the television (VHS of course) and the reflection of the Christmas tree in the fogged over window panes reflecting the lights on the tree in the room behind me.  

For a brief moment I can smell the strong fragrance of the pine tree adorning the living room, I can hear the crackling of the fire beside me and taste the delicious vanilla goodness of the egg nog.

These are the warm memories that bring Christmas alive for me once more.  It isn't the presents or the hustle and bustle around me, it is the memories I carry with me, the tradition we maintain and the love that permeates the season.  

The memories my brother and I made as children are the basis for many of these.

My brother and I were partners in crime as children. 

When I was too little to climb out of my crib as a baby, he was there to catapult me to freedom. 

While he was checking the living room chimney for Santa's arrival I was on the lookout to make sure Mom or Dad didn't wake during our mission.

There are a million stories I could tell of the crazy adventures and mishaps in which we became entangled as kids, but that is for another post on another day!

What made this recipe bring back a wave of sentiment for me was the egg nog.  The vision of the two of us sitting on the couch, our feet no where near touching the floor let alone clearing the edge of the couch, enjoying our seasonal dessert with the filter of innocence only a child can bring to the heart of Christmas. 
Merry Christmas to everyone and may the warmth of the season embrace you all!

Egg Nog Fudge
2 cups granulated white sugar
1/2 cup salted butter
3/4 cup dairy eggnog
10.5 ounces white chocolate bars, chopped into small pieces
1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg, plus a little more for the top of the fudge
One 7-ounce jar marshmallow creme
3 tablespoons rum

Line an 8 or 9-inch square pan with foil and let it hang over the sides. Butter the foil.
In a heavy, 3-quart saucepan combine sugar, butter and eggnog.   
Bring to a rolling boil, stirring constantly. Continue boiling 8 to 10 minutes over medium heat or until a candy thermometer reaches 234°F, stirring constantly to prevent scorching. Remove from heat.
Using a wooden spoon, work quickly to stir in chopped white chocolate and nutmeg until chocolate is melted and smooth. 
Stir in marshmallow creme and rum extract. 
Beat until well blended and then pour into prepared pan. Sprinkle a little freshly ground nutmeg on top. Let stand at room temperature until cooled. Refrigerate if you'd like to speed up the process.
When completely cool, cut into squares. Store in a covered container.
 After a long day of fudge-making my darling Jennifer and I were pooped....but with enough fudge to last us until next Christmas!! 
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