Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blue Cheese Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms

As I have mentioned several times, one of my favorite emails to get is from family and friends with new recipes they want to try.  I spend so much time trying to think of something new and different to make so when someone else makes this decision for me it is all the more fun!

My sister-in-law is one of my most consistent donors to this cause and is the origin of this recipe.  I think the email she sent with the recipe simply stated "We have to try these soon!"  So the very next Sunday dinner was going to be our opportunity!

In my family you could pretty much stuff a mushroom with anything and we are going to like brother will request that some sort of meat is included but we don't always listen to that request.

These absolutely did NOT disappoint.  A friend of mine, who isn't the biggest blue cheese fan, even liked them as he claimed the blue cheese wasn't too strong.  I like those sorts of reactions!  When people end up liking something they were unsure of going in....just makes me feel like I have done something right!  Who doesn't love that feeling???

Blue Cheese Filled Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms
as adapted from Lauren's Latest

12 large baby portobello mushrooms
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
4 oz. blue cheese, crumbled
6 dashes hot sauce {or more if desired}
6 slices bacon

Preheat oven to 375 degrees or the grill to medium heat. If baking in the oven spray a cooling rack with cooking spray and set on top of a baking sheet.  If using the grill, grease the grill lightly.
Clean tops of mushrooms with a damp cloth and remove stems.  Using a melon baller, scoop out the inside of the mushroom delicately to give ample room for the stuffing.
In a small bowl, mix cream cheese, blue cheese, salt, pepper and hot sauce together (I did this in my stand up mixer and it was super easy).
Divide cheese mixture evenly into mushroom cavities.
Cut each slice of bacon in half. Wrap around mushroom and place a toothpick into the mushroom where the bacon ends overlap. {Make sure the toothpick is sticking out the side and is not in the top or bottom.}

Cook on the grill or in the oven until the bacon is done.
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