Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Make Newspaper Pots for Seedlings

Each year around this time I get the irresistible urge to play in the dirt.  After being cooped up all winter long I find that my need to get out and plant and play in the garden becomes overwhelming.  A few years ago I  found these great seed starter kits at Home Depot where I planted my seedlings in biodegradable pots making the planting in the garden seamless.

As I thought about it I kept thinking there had to be a more green and efficient way to do this....and lets be honest, a cheaper way would have been nice as well.

This pondering has been swirling around in my brain for over a year now but I just couldn't come up with anything that just seemed ingenious....Pinterest even failed me in this pursuit, but as it never does, Instagram did not disappoint!

I came across a picture of these little treasures from my cousin who also loves to garden and cook so I immediately sent her a message asking for the instructions.

With these instructions all I had to purchase was the soil and seeds....that is exactly the type of budget friendly plan I was wanting!

After a few awkward attempts I finally got the hang of making these little pots and pending successful growing I will be doing this every year!!

How To Make Newspaper Pots for Seedlings

originally found on Bonzai Aphrodite

Take a one page from the newspaper and tear it in half
 Fold the page in half 
 Fold one of the lengthwise ends giving it about a half inch seam
With the seam at the top, take a can of soup and roll the newspaper around the can.
Set the can upside down and fold the bottom down to create the base.
Slide the can from the newspaper slowly so everything stays together.
 Using the seam, fold the half inch piece over itself to secure it.  
This can be done with a paper clip as well if needed. 
Fill each pot with soil.  I did this after creating each one so that they would stay together.
Add the seeds and then top with a little more soil.
 Water and watch them grow!!
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